Sunday, June 14, 2015

She Did It!!!

Miss Lauren graduated from Beloit College in Beloit Wisconsin on May 17,20015!  We couldn't be more proud of her! 

Lauren and Josh
Bob and I were there!

David and Marcia joined us

Sarah joined us, too
It was a great ceremony and the weather was quite nice.

This is Lauren and 3 of her 4 roomies.  They are standing in front of their house. Everybody decorated the top of their mortarboards.  Lauren has a small zen pile of rocks on hers (geology major).

David and Marcia and Bob and I arrived the day before.  We had a reception with the college president, Baccalaureate Ceremony, followed by Grad party at Lauren's house (Tacos and all the fixins!) Then a wine reception at the geology department. It was a lovely and busy evening.  
We drove her packed car home following graduation on Sunday. And, POOF!, it was over!

  She moves to Kansas City the end of this month and starts working for Grassroots Campaigns in July. We've got a little time here before she goes,  But lots of sorting and packing to do.
Its such an exciting time! So many beginnings! We want happiness and success for her!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Better Late Than Never!

I am so behind in my blogging that its not even funny.  I have no excuse. But (there's always a 'but'), I was having some issues with my ability to share photos from one device to another and it was very frustrating.  But i think the problem is solved so hopefully I am back on track.

So I will just throw out some pictures of the last few months and comment if its necessary.

We spent Christmas with David and Marcia and Lauren and Josh.

Our master closet got new hardwood floors.
 And the front bedroom also got new hardwood floors. Plus new paint and bedding.
In January, Jackie and I went to Hamilton Missouri to visit Missouri Star Quilt Company.  OMG! what a fun trip, and what a fabulous 'shop'.  This little town has 5 quilt shops! Each one has its own theme, batiks,solids,etc.  Next time we are spending more than 3 hours!!  Below is a quilt I made from MSQCo tutorial on line.  This woman has a gold mine! I've really been doing a lot more quilting it seems...
The one above is pieced now, but not quilted.  It is also a MSQCo pattern.  I also have made chickens and bags and carrots from her tutorials.  It was a long winter...

Here is a quilt with batiks.

 Here is one I made and quilted at Peg's shop. I also added Susie's Magic Binding, which is my new favorite! Its a tutorial on you tube.

In January, also, was Peg's retreat.  Lots of fun and so many wonderful quilts in the making.

My good friend, Pat, visited the same day as the retreat.  So She and I went o Kalona for Lunch at the Kalona Brewey.  Mighty fine!
I helped with a baby shower for Friend, Emmarie.  Her mother was also visiting from England. Her babies name is Nina.

In February, Pat treated me to the Broadway musical, Kinky Boots! It was fabulous!! Even got to go to the cast party after!
We had more snow than I care to live with, this last winter.  But we are having a beautiful spring, so I guess I can't complain.
I went to another quilt retreat in March.  Jackie and I joined friends, Kandy, Barb, and Sally in Danville, IL.  It was at Threads of Time retreat center and quilt shop.  What a fun weekend.  Lots of laughs!
 Although, Sally and Jackie don't appear to be 'laughing' at the moment.
I worked on this quilt, but didn't complete the piecing til I was home.  So Many Leaves!!!
I'm also working on an embroidery piece that I saw on line. Its called Daisy Chain Sampler. Here's what it should look like. We'll see how mine turns out..
Our next big event is Lauren's graduation from Beloit College!!  Wow!  Can you believe that 4 years have passed? We are so proud of her!! Here's a shot of her and her boyfriend Josh,that I took off the web. I'll have lots more after this weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Its Been Too Long!!

Wow! I can't believe how long its been since I posted anything. Its not like nothing has happened, I just haven't taken the time to write.  Sorry!!
Since its almost September, I'll just put up some pictures.
Finally got some artwork on the walls.
Finished my Swoon quilt at Peg's Sew-In the first part of August.  She quilted it for me in a Baptist Fan. I love it.
I also finished this little wall hanging at the Sew-In.
Went to Stitches Midwest with good friends Jeannie and Jackie.  Had a great time and learned a lot! Bought waaay too much yarn.

Lauren celebrated her 21st birthday with us and her boyfriend, Josh.  Her first beer...NOT! The next day, we celebrated Josh's birthday...
Now Lauren is back at Beloit.  She is in her Senior year!!! Yahoo!!!! I know its going to be a great one!!
We've had lots of visits from our hummingbirds.  This little guy is just taking a break and guarding his territory at the same time.
Its been a great summer.  Looking forward to a fabulous Fall!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Evolving Living Space

I know it looks like its the same, but it isn't.  I ditched the pillows that came with the sectional and found cream ones instead.  I finished painting the legs and trim on the coffee table to Annie Sloan Graphite, like the buffet. Its so much nicer. I realized that the room was evolving into a cream and gray theme.  It kind of frees me up to bring in lots of textures and worry less about colors.

Found a sweet little chair at TJ Maxx!  Wish there were two..
 Found a wonderful piece at the Artfest over the weekend!  Lauren and I had gone on Friday afternoon.  We went to Chait Gallery and my friend, Beppie Weiss, was the featured artist that afternoon! I fell in love with her Iowa countrysides, done in pastels.  So now I want some more pieces from regional artists of iconic Iowa scenes, I think.
Above, are the two chairs from Little Red School House/ Distinctions in Independence.  I found a metal table at Revisit to put between them.

Above are two shots from the bedroom.  Can't remember what I shared, so here it is.
Finally, here is the chair I bought a couple of years ago.  It was one of the first things I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  But I never got it recovered, until now.  I finally admitted that I just couldn't do the job as well as a professional, so I used Regeneration Factory..  She did a fabulous job!

Well, that's it for now. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Things are progressing around here.  Yesterday the couch arrived (note the tags).  Finally got to move the two chairs off the shag area rug!  I repainted the baskets in the baker's rack and the wooden shelf to French linen.  Kind of resembles old french baskets, I guess.  Much better than the blue, that I never really liked.

Above is the desk I painted, also in French linen.  The chair for it is getting the seat recovered and should be ready next Monday.  Notice there is nothing on the walls yet.  Its really hard to put nail holes in freshly painted walls,  but it will happen soon.  Trust me.

Last weekend, we put the plates and greenery back above the cabinets.  I debated about the greenery, but it won out in the end.  There is still a lot of junk on the countertops because I still don't have a spot for everything yet.  Need to bring a buffet up from the lower level.  So the dining area is looking pretty sparse.

Above, is the living room.  I will be painting the coffee table legs and trim to match the cabinet, graphite.  We were going to put the TV on the mantle (because there is a hook up) but decided the new (old) painted piece would look better.  Now I have to put something on the mantle.  I'm thinking about having a small quilt framed that  I made several years ago. Below, is the quilt against the couch and wall color.
What do yo think?  It would hang or sit on the mantle.
Well that's it for now.  Iowa city has an Artfest this weekend.  Maybe I can find something fabulous to put on the walls by local artists.  I'll keep you posted.